Accessibility Statement

We, the team at Douzan, are committed to ensuring maximum accessibility for all visitors to our website. We believe that everyone deserves to discover, read, and navigate the content on our site easily and comfortably. To achieve this, we follow existing guidelines for web accessibility and have formulated a substantial accessibility improvement plan for our site.

Accessibility features on the website:

Easy Navigation: We make sure that visitors to the site can navigate between pages smoothly and clearly. The use of search engines and navigation menus can be done using the keyboard as well as through shortcut keys.

Mobile Accessibility: The website is tailored to adapt its display and functions to a variety of mobile devices and different screen sizes, ensuring a good browsing experience for all users.

Alternative Text for Images: We add alternative descriptions to images on the site, so that people with visual impairments can also understand the content that images convey.

Fonts and Colors: We choose colors and fonts that facilitate good readability, even for individuals with visual impairments. We ensure a clear contrast between the text and the background.

Use of Technology: We employ advanced technologies to ensure quick responsiveness and accessibility to content, even for individuals with technological disabilities.

We continue to upgrade the site regularly to ensure the best possible accessibility for all users. If you encounter any accessibility issues or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at 04-852-5444

Thank you for visiting Douzan, and we hope you enjoy your browsing experience with us.

Best regards,

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